When looking for a meaningful way to honor a family member or friend that served in the Military, please consider an Honor Wall Plaque.   Located in the center hallway of the WNC Military History Museum, four large panels containing these permanent tributes to our American heroes are the first exhibit visitors see when entering the museum.  

Three inch by six inch golden plaques are available for one hundred dollars and can be etched with up to forty five letters of your choice.  Four inch by eight inch golden plaques are also available for two hundred dollars and can be etched with up to fifty letters.  

All moneys collected by the sale of plaques are used to fund the Museum so support the cause and honor a hero with this glorious tribute.  

'Tis the season for charitable donations!

honor wall plaque fundraiser and tribute

21 E. Main St. Brevard, NC


​The purpose of this military museum is to provide an avenue for people to appreciate and honor the men and women who served so bravely in our Armed Forces.

Some examples of what the museum will feature include one-of-a kind artifacts, uniforms, weaponry, original newspapers, personal letters, etc. 
All of these special items and more weave the great and proud stories of World War I, World War II, Korea, The Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 
They display and help us empathize with the wonder, but also the danger of our involvement in these wars, and the unique sacrifice of our military men and women! 

The museum will be open through December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day.

An added bonus will be lectures outlining battles and their strategies, political aspects of wars, and an expert analysis of all facets of a West Point educational and military experience from a parent perspective. 

Love of country plus gratitude to those who served proudly equals the museum’s theme for all ages, both young and old.

Media manager Kenneth Corn pays tribute to President George H.W. Bush during a Facebook live video on the weekend of the President's passing.  Farewell and following Seas Mr. President.


The Museum is made possible by contributions by supporters like you!

Americans have used charitable donations to lower their taxable income since World War I, when the federal government introduced the charitable tax deduction. The WNC Military History Museum asks that you consider making a donation to the museum this year. A not-for-profit educational institution, the museum is supported largely through private donations made by individuals. The generous contributions of our supporters and patrons are responsible for engaging exhibits and compelling educational programs that educate a wide variety of audiences of all ages.

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If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our 501 c 3 organization, please make checks payable to the WNC Military History Museum and mail it to 21 E. Main St. Brevard, 28712.  You will receive a form for your records and a note of gratitude from the Board Members of the Museum.  Thank You!