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One sailor survived the sinking of three ships in the Pacific, floating for 20 days on a life raft and meeting a Japanese submarine's crew before being rescued.  One woman in the British Army served as driver to General Charles De Gaulle when he was leader of the French government in exile in England.​

The book includes 140 pictures of service members, planes, ships, jeeps, maps, and scenes of the war. When you see this book, you'll feel as though you're there in the early 1940s. A timeline of World War II is provided for your reference as you read individual veterans' stories told in their own words.

As you get to know these 17 veterans and brief accounts of their personal lives before and after the war, you'll be lost in their adventures and gain a new appreciation for these brave defenders of freedom and liberty.

This book will be for sale for $10.00 in the museum, BUT YOU CAN ORDER a copy now!  Go to the top of this page and click on the "CONTACT" button and send us an e-mail.   All proceeds will go to help the museum grow.

The museum board will start work inside the new location at 7 East Main St.  on June 13th.  Curator Emmett Casciato hopes to have the doors open for visitors in August.  Stay tuned for the latest news or "Like" our Facebook page @wncmilitaryhistorymuseum.

When looking for a meaningful way to honor a family member or friend that served in the Military, please consider a tax deductible ​contribution.  Make checks payable to Community Focus Foundation and put WNC Military History Museum in the line on the bottom of your check.  Then mail to:

Community Focus Foundation, PO Box 215, Brevard, NC 28712.

This is a temporary pass-through fund that supports the fund raising efforts of the WNC Military History Museum. For more information on the foundation go to: or contact us via the contact button above.

In the new book World War II Veterans of Western North Carolina: Their Stories in Their Own Words, 17 World War II Veterans tell personal stories of their service in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific.

These veterans are now ages 90-100, and their stories are first-hand, personal accounts of the war. One veteran flew over Normandy on D-Day, dropping paratroops behind German lines and later followed Patton's route through France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, dropping supplies to Allied troops as they fought toward Berlin. 



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Just click on the "CONTACT" button at the top of this page and send us an e-mail.  


"A majority of Transylvania commissioners voted to allow the WNC Military History Museum to lease the former county administration building beside the courthouse for a year."  The Transylvania Times