​​Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas

Media Manager Kenneth Corn has a conversation with World War II Veteran Dudley "Duke" Brown about his service as a B-17 crew mem​ber.  Duke still has his log book! Hear what Duke has to say about his time flying over Europe.   The B-17 featured in this video is the Memphis Belle The Movie.  This is the B-17 used to make the famous Memphis Belle movie but not the original Memphis Belle.   


Carl Epting Mundy Jr. was a United States Marine Corps General who was the 30th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  In this video, Media Manager Kenneth Corn shows us the gripping funeral of one of the Marine Corps finest.  General Mundy was laid to rest in Waynesville North Carolina in April 2014. 

Why build a Military History Museum in Brevard, North Carolina?  Curator Emmett Casciato tells us why in this video by Media Manager Kenneth Corn.